“Play Somethin Good” / Livestream , SATURDAY, MARCH 6th 9PM
March 6, 2021
10:26 pm


First of all, thank you for being on my website!
This is my first official post for a show, so I’m sure I will screw this up..

I’m going to be doing an hour set of original music on the “Play Something Good” live stream / podcast.

This is a free broadcast, but there will be some links the night of,  for much appreciated donations!!

This all happens at 9 p.m. Saturday March 6th.

You can watch it live on Facebook from their: “Play Somethin Good”  page.

You can also watch it on Instagram. There may even be a YouTube channel.


So far, I’ve been rehearsing about 22-23 songs, and I’m excited because a lot of it is newer material from the last two to three years..!

So looking forward to playing, and I hope you get an opportunity to check the set out. Feel free to leave some comments, or question marks, or whatever you’re moved to do.. haha

Thank you for your interest and if I miss something that you need better information on,  please let me know ASAP!

Thank you, and see you out there!


Dan Minard (the ‘real’ one..)